Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello world! Here in are the musings of a weird yet mundane housewife.

Here in my world are the musings that run through my mind. I love to create things, and think of myself as an artist. I can say I have been displayed in a gallery, granted it was a bell painting contest and the gallery was a framing store that does happen to sell original art. Not as prestigious as the big city artists, but extremely exciting here in my small town. I love colors and textures so much, I gravitate to crafts and projects like knitting. I can walk into the yarn section of any store and my eyes glaze over and every thought in my head stops. The colors hold me in a trance! I have to touch, feel, and usually carry home something without even a thought of what  might make with it. Self control has been a new skill I’ve had to practice many, many times. Colors get me into trouble. I find myself not able to get rid of beautiful, unique,or special things like dishes. Finally I have learned a few skills so I can recycle them into something useful, not another thing around here making me look like a hoarder. This is intensified by my love of yard sales. Mmmmm. Yard sales…. I feel that euphoric sensation in my head just saying that. The treasure hunt is on every year when the weather warms up here in the midwest. I love hopping in my mothers truck and taking off on our next adventure. The thrill of the treasure hunt calls and I am not one to ignore it. I do love the activities, athletic games, and such our kids are participating in so I don’t indulge in the hunt as often as I would like. They are the best bunch of kids I know. My husband AKA “Daddy” Is my incredible partner in crime. They are a whole big story by themselves! My adventures continue…

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