Friday, April 24, 2015

Our cat Abbey

Our cat Abbey has a personality all her own. She has expressive eyes which help me find her in a pinch. Being all black has it's advantages. She does like to sneak up and paw my leg. I assume it is her way of saying "hey" or "feed me." You would guess I am the worst abuser on bath day. So far her grudge has lasted for 3 hours. There is no escaping the look of disdain emanating from the top of the cat tree. It is almost as bad as the wet kitty look.

Abbey enjoys the finer things in life. Wet food is the BEST breakfast in the whole wide world! Watching the fish in the tank, also known as kitty T.V. and reading are the best cat pastimes. She is my personal cat model. I photograph her almost as much as my own children!

 Abbey and I are very partial to Lil Bub's big book. We enjoy looking at LilBubs facebook site and watching her big show on youtube. Who knew a cat could be so cultured. We knew Abbey was special from the moment she decided to live with us. Having six toes on each front foot is pretty amazing. It makes a hug a little more special. Her hands hold on even better with those extra claws. Come to find out she is a Hemingway cat. Ernest Hemingway's estate in florida still has a colony of his cat descendants there today. Rumor has it that these kitties are much better hunters. Abbey will catch every evil ladybug and moth that invades our home.

She has all the best sleeping spots mapped out around the house. So far the warmest is on Daddy's desk under the light. The next best is next to his mouse to optimize the chance of petting. He is the sucker of the house.

Our little darling is so talented, she has her own facebook page. It was started when mom had surgery and had to sit around a lot! It's "the adventures of abbey cat" if you're curious.

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