Monday, April 20, 2015

Humor in real life

So often I miss things. Not just appointment, parties, and such. In my normal hum-drum life I find myself on auto-pilot.  I don't live near this place, but I'm sure I do not want to go down this road...

My husband and I got quite a bit of laughs from this one! I've driven by this sign in a nearby town and never got the joke. After a lengthy conversation on this topic he asks me to write his next paper for his masters of IT program. Great! Strategic outsourcing is right up my alley. I can write how I outsource his dirty underwear to the washing machine and how my management decisions are if it's dirty enough, do I wash it separately or take my chances with everything else. The kids are slobs so their clothes don't care. My nice blouse is another story. This leads us to another fit of giggles. It is nice to just laugh together.

My older daughter is now at the stage where everything Mom does is so uncool. A funny little dance from me would have her in fits of laughter. Not anymore. I found myself trying to make time go faster at a small gathering of her friends in girl scouts. I was regaling them with stories of us old-timers doing the running man and the sprinkler dance. While demonstrating I was told to stop, please stop. While I love seeing her grow and learn, I miss the old days when I was cool and funny. Now I'm just plain weird. Oh well. At least my darling husband still gets me. With all the stress in his world, it does my heart good seeing him smile. Life is good!

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